About Us

Our Expertise in providing payer solutions, LLC (“EXL”) is a leading healthcare cost management services company. EXL’s vision is to enable Healthcare Payers with scalable high value analytical, transactional and technology processes and resources as they embark on cost containment and wellness management initiatives., LLC provides the following solutions

  • Audit, Data Mining, and Recovery
  • Disease and Care Management Support
  • Underwriting, Actuarial, and Marketing Support
  • Analytics, Data Management, and Reporting
  • Claims Management
  • Membership and Provider Management
  • Data Analysis
  • Data Warehousing

Our services include:

  • Subrogation
  • Co-ordination of Benefits
  • Legal Process Outsourcing
  • Auditing and Consulting related services

At EXL, we have a diverse client portfolio that includes Health Plans, TPAs and self-funded welfare benefit plans

Our specialists continuously enhance our solutions to provide holistic Subrogation, Coordination of Benefits, Reconciliation and Legal Process Outsourcing Solutions. Having worked successfully with health plans, TPAs and self-funded welfare benefit plans in the past, we now offer a state-of-the-art onsite, offsite, and offshore model capable of providing your organization with maximum customizability and cost effectiveness.

A brief history..., LLC acquired SCIO Health Analytics in 2019. SCIO Health Analytics was formed in 2007 and gained its subrogation expertise through the acquisition of SOCRATES, Inc. in that same year. Today, we offer solutions in Subrogation, Coordination of Benefits, Reconciliation, Data Analysis, Data Warehousing, Consulting, Auditing Services and Legal Process Outsourcing through an onsite, offsite, and offshore model.